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  • (Azure AdvisorAzure Advisor (WAF assistant))[]
    • WHAT : Azure Well-Architected Framework assitant
  • (Microsoft Defender for Cloud (MDFC) - Cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP))[]
    • WHAT
      • CSPM - Cloud Security Posture Management
      • CWPP - Cloud Workload Protection
      • Multi-Cloud Protection
  • (Azure Policy (Compliance))[]
    • WHAT : helps to enforce organizational standards and to assess compliance at-scale
    • (Details of the Canada Federal PBMM Regulatory Compliance built-in initiative)[]
  • (Azure Governance Visualizer aka AzGovViz (Dashboard for managers and architects))[]
    • (AzGovViz)[]
    • (Cloud Adoption Framework)[]
    • WHAT
      • PowerShell script that captures Azure Governance related information such as Azure Policy, RBAC (a lot more) by polling Azure ARM, Storage and Microsoft Graph APIs.
      • Tool listed in the Microsoft CAF : Tools and templates
      • (Can include : PSRule.Rules.Azure)[]

Azure Quick Review aka azqr (best practice review) WHAT : high level assessment of an Azure Subscription or Resource Group

  • (Azure AD Security - Identity Secure Score)[]
    • WHAT : indicator for how aligned you are with Microsoft’s best practice recommendations for security.
  • (Azure Template-analyzer (IaC analyzer))[]
    • WHAT : Template scanner for security misconfiguration and best practices
  • (Azure CCOInsights (Dashboard for managers and architects))[]
    • WHAT : Dashboards PowerBI with insights about Azure advisor optimizations, Azure Security Center Alerts, Networking, Compute, RBAC, Idle resources and Subscriptions Quotas and Limits



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